5 FREE Ways to Generate More Fans to your Facebook Page


5 FREE Ways to Generate More Fans to your Facebook Page

5 FREE Ways to Generate More Fans to your Facebook Page:
Who doesn’t want more fans? More fans = More Customers. Here is a few ways you can generate more Fans to your Facebook Fan Page.
1- Invite your friends – This is one of the easiest way to get finds to “like” your Fan Page. To invite your friends to your Fan Page, you can do this by logging into your Fan Page and on the right hand side select “Invite Friends”, a box will pop up. From the drop down menu you can select “Search all Friends” then start clicking on whoever you want to invite. It will only let you invite each person once so you don’t have to worry about inviting people twice.
2- Conduct a contest – Everyone loves to win FREE things. This gets a lot of people involved and engaged in your page. A creative and informative image can go a long way. It needs to shows how much you can win, where you can find the details, and the logo of the business. You can also create an event on Facebook to let people know about the contest, (which is explained in #3). Make sure you have terms of service included in the contest! You don’t want to have 500 people saying that they won when there is only one winner. Specify how many winners will be “drawn” in the contest and how long the contest will run.
3- Get involved in groups on Facebook – You can search groups by going to the Facebook search bar at the top of Facebook, and typing let’s say “Small Business”, to narrow to just groups select “groups” on the left-hand underneath Search Filters. You can also search groups by your city. Just type in your city and see what comes up. Find groups through your personal page that pertain to your business. If you are a local business you can find groups that support other local businesses. Always link back to your Fan Page.
4- Create an event – You can create an event for a special sale going on at your store a certain day or maybe a social event you would like to invite people to. To create an event on Facebook when you are logged into your Fan page you will find “Events” on the left hand side click on it then click on “Create Event” on the top right- hand side of the page. You can add an image to the event and details here. Once the even is made you can select “join” and invite your friends. For more help on creating events: https://www.facebook.com/help/events/create.
5- Start a poll – This is a very engaging way to learn what your customers are interested in. You simply ask a question, and have a list of answers to choose from. You can even give them the option of writing their own answer. Anytime they answer the question it is shown on their wall. To start a poll select “Questions” on the left hand side of your Fan Page.

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